About Us

When Lee-Ann and Andrew moved to Yass there was a lack of good food available in one central location, you could visit various farmers markets, search out for individual products, or drive to Canberra and hope for the best. That is when the idea of a cafe, deli, wine business came into their minds.

June 2012 saw the opening of Thyme to Taste Cafe – where one could say it is “Market day every day”, where we take an ethical and sustainable approach to finding the food, we try and discover the people behind the food. Menu items change with the seasons and we discover new items to bring on a continuing basis.

There is a fantastic selection of artisan food, cheese, sourdough bread, milk, pastries, and deli meats. Top that off with great tasting, locally roasted, sustainable, and organic coffee, tasting platters, and we cannot forget the best toasties.

People come to Thyme to Taste, not just for the great coffee, but also to connect with others, to meet friends, and be part of the community

In 2020 in the middle of COVID Thyme to Taste opened a new shop next door at # 62 Comur St. This is the Emporium, where there is a curated selection of local wine, independent beer, craft spirits, and cider. Plus you will also find the region’s finest selection of cheese in their custom-made coolroom. The Emporium is a destination in itself. 

The Thyme to Taste menu also reflects our values, using premium ingredients so that the customers can taste these great ingredients and hopefully be inspired by them. Pop on in, say hi, order online, be inspired.